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PC Repairs


PC's get filthy and it can lead to a slower operation. Let us dust and sanitize every part to feel new again. 


There's more than just dust and viruses...sometimes you just need to clean up files. 

VIRUS REMOVAL    $75.00 

If you suspect having a virus, bring it in. We will investigate and run through options to cure. 

BASIC NETWORKING    Variable Rates 

We can help you setup your home or office networking system to your needs. 

DATA BACK-UP / RECOVERY     Variable Rates 

Data is priceless. We can help you manage it and help you find it if it becomes lost. 

PART REPLACEMENT     Variable Rates 

If you have some broken hardware or you need an upgrade, we can help. 

BUILD A CUSTOM     Variable Rates 

We LOVE building new PC's. Let us know everything you want to achieve with your PC and we'll take it from there. 

LIQUID COOLING     Variable Rates 

Ever want your PC cooled by water? This keeps your PC running quieter, cooler than fans and awesome to look at!

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